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Comprehensive legal service for investments.


For business activity (including commercial facilities, office buildings).


Disputes with third parties or local government administration bodies.

Permits and decisions
  • Administrative proceedings related to environmental protection.
  • Obtaining water use licences.
  • Obtaining integrated permits, as well as permits for food production and biogas plants.
  • Obtaining permits for the discharge of sewage into water.
  • Obtaining waste management permits.
  • Obtaining decisions on land fertilisation plans.
  • Ensuring the amendment of land development conditions as well as spatial development plans.
Court-administrative proceedings
  • Legal services during court-administrative proceedings in the course of the construction process.
  • Lodging appeals against unfavourable administrative decisions on real estate, including decisions on land development conditions, construction permits, location decisions.
Court proceedings
  • Representation in real estate register proceedings, divisions of real estate, ensuring relevant entries in land and mortgage registers.
  • Compensation proceedings in the event of expropriation of real estate by local government bodies.
  • Lodging appeals against an increase in the perpetual usufruct fee.
  • Restoration of possession.
  • Court proceedings related to the establishment of easement.
  • Court proceedings – compensation for expropriation.
  • Court proceedings – compensation for mining damages.
  • Court proceedings – for obtaining an authorisation for ore mining.
Agreements and contracts
  • Preliminary agreements, contingent agreements, promised real-estate sale agreements.
  • Preparation of drafts of developer agreements and accompanying documents.
  • Edition of agreements for an architectural-construction design, construction works, general contracting, etc.
Property audit
  • Legal property audit.
  • Determination of claims and rights of former owners.
  • Negotiations with utility administrators, local governments, administrative bodies in the course of the construction process.
  • Reaching agreements regarding the establishment of easement.
Enforcement against real estate
  • Enforcement against real estate.
  • Simplified enforcement against real estate.
  • Purchase of real estate in the course of bankruptcy proceedings and prepack.
Lease and tenancy of real estate
  • Tenancy of agricultural real estate, leasing of real estate.
  • Lease of commercial real estate, commercial, office and storage space.
  • Lease of apartments and commercial lots as well as parking spaces.

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